… is awful.

… And then you got hit by a ten tons truck, and you realise that your life was just everything you ever needed.


… lovely blog award.

Gratefulness is the first step to happiness.

So… Thank you so much dearest Nikita for your nomination! Nikita has the gift of writing with her heart on her sleeves in an authentic and touching way. Her words are universal and a source of inspiration. 🤗

My turn to nominate 15 of you to the Lovely Blog Award, which I will do in a moment after giving you the rules of the Award.


1- Thank the person that nominated you.

2- Provide à link to their blog.

3- List the rules.

4- Display the award on your post of the Award.

5- List seven interesting facts about yourself.

6- Nominate 15 bloggers for this award and leave a comment on one of their posts to let them know you have nominated them.

As everyone knows, nothing is ever gained if not through effort and pain 😜😄 , so here for you 7 (interesting ?) random things about B. .

1- I am at a point of my life where I’m more a progress in work than a work in progress.

2- I like (over)thinking (…you knew..).

3- I am attracted to everything that escapes immediate understanding (hence the overthinking… occasionally turning into numbness…).

4- I like exercising (Mens sana in corpore sano).

5- I have found very sensitive and like-minded persons here. I feel blessed for it.

6- I would have liked to nominate each of you whose posts and comments touch my heart and make my day brighter.

7- I have a lot to learn about love and relationships.

Thank you for reading so far.

And now the 15 nominated… it’s hard to pick just a few of you guys who are ALL amazing!

1- A fractured faith 2- Scribbled to paper 3- Little Fears  4- Hands in the garden 5- Crazy writer of 6 6- World of feelings 7- Smell the coffee 8- Change absolute 9- Rhapsody Boheme 10- Ancient skies 11- Seasons a poetic journey 12- A writer’s cauldron 13- Written frames 14- Novus lectio 15- Eyes plus words


… main difference between pessimism, optimism and happiness, is probably brevity.

Pessimism says: “I will never have what I want”.

Optimism says: ” I will have what I want.”

Happiness says: ” I have what I want “.


… is not about winning or losing.

Those who think so are doomed to unhappiness, as they will always look for a battle to win, and sooner or later will find someone who plays better than them.


… people suffer from a very peculiar kind of amnesia.

Do a thousand things for them, and they forget.

Forget just one thing, and they will remember that till the end of time.


… try to hard rescuing someone who doesn’t want to be rescued.

At best, either you punch him to avoid sinking with him, or he punches you to let him sink.

In both cases someone ends up with a bruise.


… kind, but don’t let anyone walk all over you.

Be generous, but don’t give everything you have to someone who is not willing to reciprocate.

Be innocent, but don’t be naive.