… only lose the battles we give up winning.

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  1. 0K, you probably knew I have something to add to this.

    What if we are losing all of the time in something that is not of worth? We do things that are not profitable, we invest our time and work and it never pays off, something like me trying to boost my YouTube channel and keep failing at it.

    See, if I would to ‘give up’, I could potentially save lots of time and energy doing something that is not going great for me. The wisdom comes to know when to quit, or as you said ‘give up’. It will be merciful if I did, but I am stubborn and I keep doing something that has no real results.

    In battle, it is not of who is the most persistent, but who is most lucky, smart and cunning. Victory comes to those who know how to play the game, not to all who play for the sake of playing. And rules, sometimes come in the way, which means that one must know the game and rules in order to break them and get away with it. A victory by foul play, but a victory nevertheless.

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    1. I get you, dear friend.
      This is how I see it.
      There’re three kinds of things. The ones that are meant for us, and we can achieve if we put all efforts in it, but we give up thinking “we can’t do it anyway” (whereas at sometimes it’s just a question of adjusting the strategy…).
      The ones that are good for us (and we simply don’t know). We keep trying and trying and can’t do it. We get depressed and think we’re just not good enough. Whereas it’s just a question of focusing elsewhere because something much better is waiting for us.
      And finally the ones we can achieve and we do achieve after numerous attempts and ajustements and constant efforts.

      You know… maybe what you are trying to do with YouTube is not what is good for you, or not this way.
      I know that we can get discouraged when we don’t get results despite our efforts. When I look at your path I can see a huge change and elevation. I don’t know what your destiny is but you are doing great despite you might think you are failing…

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        1. I think that this is exactly the point.
          You don’t see what everyone sees, so you keep exploring different paths to find the one you belong.
          Whereas this path is perfectly clear to someone who sees things from the outside…

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