… bad and people will look at you disapprovingly.

Be good and people will look at you suspiciously.

Only mediocrity seems to be quite popular.

33 thoughts on “Be…

  1. I wonder how can I ruin this one for you… Hmm, interesting. How about… You act dumb, so people look at you like an idiot, so you get close to them, and break apart whatever they have, but if you are caught, you shift back to being dumb and lay low, protect yourself that way. Just a little innocent, uninformed tiny girl, so gentle, so delicate and woundable, yet you are a dragon inside, ready to scorch all foes who dare stand in your way. Deception is a sign of a true master tactician. Fight the enemy at the gates, you’ll lose, make them leave the city, on the open field, and you can crush their numbers simultaneously.

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    1. … you are a master there… and especially that metaphor of battle… you definitely have a thing for writing this epic stuff … try sending a sample to Netflix… they are always on the go for new scripts… you have nothing to lose…

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  2. Yes, and don’t forget those who are
    good at sports 🀾
    But, who are the good people looking at
    . . . and how are they doing it πŸ€”


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