… hero is someone who puts his life at risk to save other’s.

A policeman does that every day and call it just work.

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  1. We’re all hero’s
    In our own little way
    We’re a hero
    In the eyes of our children
    We’re a hero
    In the eyes of our parents
    We become a hero
    Under circumstances
    Beyond imagination

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  2. Amen to that beautiful!

    I also say the same thing with my nursing students. Reminding them that “a hero is someone who saves one life” and “a nurse is someone who saves one hundred lives”.

    Grateful for you B. And all you do to set us right! xo

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  3. I agree heroes come in many shapes sizes colours and areas of the world. From caring parents, grandparents, friends, neighbours and the list goes on. Still, those honest tried and true like our firefighters, doctors, nurses, police that are the first responders, including ambulance attendants and more, deserve huge applause and acknowledgement.


  4. I often think of the policeman who visited us that day. My adult son had been upset at his father’s behaviour but concerned for him nonetheless and that wonderful police officer had taken the time to reassure him. I also received follow-up visits from police officers checking I was ok. I wanted to write and thank him but felt I should not do it till all the legal matters were settled. I want to use this opportunity to thank him and all the policemen like him, who may never know the difference you may be making in the lives of people like me.

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