Podcast – True friends

True friends

21 thoughts on “Podcast – True friends

  1. I needed to hear this, today, as a person who was a friend, briefly, cut off all contact, in a fit of pique. That person has very little and has a history of abandonment, but as I examine myself, I see that when a person is in trouble, I do everything I can to help. When the person is doing well, I am happy for them, though I do not always show it, as effusively as the person wants.

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    1. When someone who we think is a friend suddenly ghosts us it is hard . Sometimes it happens out of jealousy for who we are (or have become)… and this is sad but teaches us who are the ones who truly care about us. Thank you for sharing! I do appreciate it a lot! 🤗🤗🤗

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    1. Thank you so much for your feedback! I do appreciate it loads!! 🤗🤗🤗
      I will try (I don’t have a script, and I try not to, to preserve the spontaneity of the thought, still I need to eliminate those long silences, yes)

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  2. I confess I’ve been guilty of not being a true friend. But it is usually with my ex-wife, we are still very good friends and amicable. So, I know there is a different dynamic to her and my friendship being that we’re ex-lovers.

    As good friends, we never talk to each other about current love relationships or throw those in each others’ face. We’ve just never been that malicious with each other’s heart. But I do wish sometimes she would just tell me of her relationships rather than me finding out about them secondhand and getting jealous or pissed off or whatever. She will say, “Oh no, I’m not seeing anyone” and therefore giving me hope or something like it that there’s a reconciliation chance or something. Know what I mean?

    Sometimes I think it would be better for her and I to just cease communication about anything altogether and go our separate ways.

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    1. Hmmm… this is not friendship though…
      This happens often when one splits and still hold on hope that something can be done again, but I learned that the best is cutting ties and say “yes, I moved on”.
      Hard to do but necessary for both sake…

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      1. I do agree. I think I’ve been holding on for something that just isn’t going to happen again. I really don’t think it can. I mean, yeah, we talk and still share, but we don’t share the most important parts of who we are. I think I’ve always known there’s no chance but didn’t want to face that.

        I think you’re right. And I have distanced myself somewhat, but not completely. And I think she was a good experience but one that’s passed. I think she depends also on my being there – sort of on her back burner, you know? I think distancing will be much easier now because she moved permanently to another state. I’m in Tennessee and she’s now in Texas.

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          1. Look, I learned something (being the clingy person that I am), the more we cling on something or someone that is gone the less we can welcome the new and positive yet to come. Try and trust!

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