… will never know if you have a chance until you create an opportunity.

34 thoughts on “You…

      1. I’m sick so I haven’t listened to the tapes, I would but I don’t have the energy atm. Plus we got a pup, a german shepherd pure bred that takes monitoring when my son is at work. He’s a delight. Unfortunately something’s wrong and we won’t know until the vet can complete more tests. My son is trying to be strong, we both love him already, he’s got an amazing personality but if the problem turns out to be serious, he’ll have to go back to the breeder because it could cost 6000 to fix him. It’s sad and rather heartbreaking tbh. I so enjoy your blog. I’ll be back, promise!

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        1. Oh dearest please don’t worry. I understand so well that stress when our sweet pups have problems and we don’t really know how to fix…
          Big hugs πŸ€—


          1. I have been going through a lot in a relatively short while but I managed to keep the positive out of it.. thank you so much for asking πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—

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