… regret for saying too much than too little.

38 thoughts on “Better…

    1. Sometimes people prefer silence and leave a lot unspoken. I am the other way around, and even if I have a great length to improve on communication (a big big deal), I’d rather say more than less, or even nothing, as once the chance for it has gone one could regret it forever….

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  1. The silence of the fool is golden. 😀 Just a moment to appreciate all of the people I can’t hear make a point. That’s just white noise in the background. 😀

    Not listening, not listening!!!! LA, LA, La, la, la, LA, La, la, lA, LA, Laaaaaaa!!!!

    AAAAAAAA! I can do this for hours. AAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!

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  2. I agree, honesty is the best policy. If you don’t speak up, then you stew about not having said what needed to be said. Truth hurts, but usually is respected, once the individual realizes you weren’t being hurtful, but trying to be helpful. 🙂

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