… You work to not create them, or you fight against them.

21 thoughts on “Problems…

  1. Well, we all have problems, mostly tiny ones but for the people seems to be a huge one. I can sometimes see the small problems as a world problem because I don’t like something who disturb my routines.

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  2. Fighting is hard, and not creating them is impossible as we never know. Perhaps a world would have been better with no problems or where we were not meant to be affected by them. Maybe a reset button in mind where we forget every bad experience.

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    1. Hmmm… forgetting is actually the problems machine to my point of view. Improving ourselves in order to send out better energy is what I meant here. Obviously one can’t influence other people’s behaviour towards us just “being good”, but this case “walk away and let go” is probably the key to serenity….

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