… rules where spirituality fails.

60 thoughts on “Religion…

        1. Exactly, what a door lock does is showing a “keep out” signal, if one trespasses it, they can’t say they didn’t “know” it’s not “right”… and it’s also a good reminder for “good fellows” against “temptations”… 😉
          thank you for this great contribution!

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  1. Religion, politics, business all get a bad wrap because individuals skew the meaning to fit their own purposes – monetary gain. We are, to my way of thinking, born knowing what is right and wrong, it’s in the choices we make, the paths we choose to take that make or break us. Some hate religion because there are consequences and ppl are held accountable for their actions. We choose political parties hoping they’ll represent “our” interests. Businesses seem to flourish as a result of greed. Not all, many though.

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      1. Your welcome. I love your posts. This one was particularly intriguing as I know people are very opinionated about all three subjects (religion especially) followed closely by politics. Subjects I rarely participate in for that reason. roflmao

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  2. I won’t agree with this.. All religion leads to spiritually but we rarely get into the depth of religious understanding 😊.. The rules made in our religion (Peace = Islam) leads to ultimate peace only when you willingly accept and applies the teaching of GOD 🔥

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    1. What if we naturally followed our inner path of spirituality instead of needing a whole system of beliefs that is outside us and then try and internalise all this to make it our “religion”?


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