… you have today is what you built yesterday.

What you will have tomorrow is what you are building today.

69 thoughts on “What…

  1. Отличная мотивация! 🙂 Многие люди так заботятся о моменте, о своем сегодня, что забывают о завтра, не продумывают его. Жить сегодняшним днем – хорошо, только когда счастлив и крышу рвет. Но всегда нужно заботиться о том, что будет после.


  2. I have heard something similiar in an ad of puma shoes. It’s an ad where bts is announced as the global ambassadors of Puma for which they are releasing shoe called Puma Turin. In that Suga says “What we are today, is what we dreamt of yesterday. What we will be tomorrow, is what we dream of today.” Kinda similiar ?

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          1. Oh maybe that’s because you aren’t familiar with them. The first member Jin, takes a shoebox of memories and starts talking about the time they formed the group in 2013. At that time, their company was a small entertainment agency and most of the time they didn’t even have money for proper meals. They struggled a lot. Other people told them that they will never make it, if they don’t have resources like big entertainment agencies do. Eventually they debuted in 2013 with the single ‘No More Dream’. That song was about the pressures we face in school. Soon it cotinued onto more mini-albums, extended plays, and full studio albums. Their first studio album, Wings (which is one of the best works as far as I am concerned) came on the Billboard world albums list. Eventually they became the first kpop group to win a Billboard award. Currently they are THE face of kpop. Their released tracks now chart as #1 in over 73 countries over a single night. They are that big now. Bevause of their immense success from the ambassadors of Puma Korea, they became the global ambassadors of Puma and will release their limited edition shoes, Puma Turin. That’s what the ad was about. They also have have a collaboration with LINE messenger app where they made 8 characters which were developed initially as stickers fir the messenger app. Now those 8 characters are in the form pf clothes, accessories, drinks, plushie toys, bushings etc. A few days ago the LINE FRIENDS store in Japan saw 15000 people at its front door just for the plushie toys. They are immense. I cpuld go on and on.. sorry if I kinda filled your comments section with this. 😛

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          2. They are so big that they have accumulated almost 2 billion views on their youtube account. Their stiry is really a story of nobodies who with hard work and dedication reached immense success.

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      1. It is a failed joke. I was referring to the writers problem of creating a fictional world. It is a time taking process and many times considered a fools errant because it is all a fictional thing, not tangible and realistic.

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          1. I don’t think that really flattered you or impressed you..because you are girl with brain..and I think you know how boys mind work too..but anyway thanks for this comment..male ego satisfied😂😂

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          2. Haven’t you ever met brainy guys??? And when two brains of opposite genders meet what happens??? Brain war?? Or Brain love?? First time I am talking about my brain to other persons brain..my brains ego is satisfied now..actually it’s in happy tears😂😂😂

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          3. I have known just a few “boys with brain”, most of them lacked heart. Those who have heart don’t have brain. Some others lack both…


        1. Don’t know if my comment went through on your site, so I am writing it again here. Your house is coming out really well! Bravo!


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