… is beautiful.

Unhappiness is magnetic.

85 thoughts on “Happiness…

      1. I meant misery instead of unhappy. 😀 I do understand the quote, I just find it more logical if she used misery instead of unhappy. The quote is very good. I haven’t heard it before and I like it. 😀 B. doesn’t need to listen to me, of course. 😀 It works the way it is written.

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          1. I have a “friend”like that and recently I’m finding lots of excuses not to see her and when I do I m done after 10 minutes…I feel mean at time but I think she really enjoys her misery….I don’t 😉have a nice saturday😊

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          2. I have a “girl friend” as you describe yours… it’s only about complaining and whining about her misery… and obviously at the end you feel miserable too… and exactly like you I felt drained at some point and let her down…

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          3. I’m not the only bad friend then😜and worst is,they do nothing to change their lives but make you feel like you are a blessed one having it easy😱we better off having coffee on our own may be with headphone in our ears rather then whining voices😉

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          4. Oh my! You’re definitely talking about the same person!!! She is exactly like this! Kind of “all bad things happen to me!” But every time I tell her to take action and change some (very little thiing..!) she’s always “meh…” … (plus… who said our life’s easy? I personally had to struggle. Now, yes, I have a comfortable situation, but I have ups and downs as everyone else, I whine when I’m down and then I cope with it…
            And yes, our teas together always ended up her feeling much better, me needing therapy… 😀 😀

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          5. It’s the same person indeed😂mine is single too and now thinking every man only want easy sex and fall for a certain type of woman ….women in the other side only use their knowledge to get pregnant,married and live on the husbands money………I sometimes wonder where she places me in this reality of hers🤣🤣🤣🤣have a great Sunday whining friends free😀

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          6. Ok…; so now, it’s not only the same person… (:-D :-D) … mine is married… and always complaining about her husband who’s far from being perfect and is certainly not a guy I would like to be married to, but, for God sake I wouldn’t get married to her either… 😀 😀 😀

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          7. Lol,(Dio li face poi li accoppia)too hard to translate🤣may be its the same person with two lives🙄and neither of them satisfying…..mmmmm,may I should whine too😂

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          8. Now,this is the third time I m trying to leave a replay so if you find multiple it’s just because something went wrong….
            Back to toxic friends,Yes definitely it’s the same person 🤣😱mine is also single and thinks men only want easy sex and fall for easy women.women on the other side only want to get married and pregnant to live on husbands money……I sometimes wonder where she places me in these idyllic reality of hers🙄have a great Sunday whining friends free😀

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