… is other people worst flaw.

32 thoughts on “Selfishness…

  1. I came back from a counselling session once and my husband grilled me about what had been discussed.
    I told a white lie and said, with head in hands, β€œI’ve been so selfish.. for so long. But no more. People are too selfish and it takes much effort to realise we have been so. I’m going to bed.”
    The next day and from that day on, he was far less selfish 🌟

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  2. Brutally true. The General population thrive on Selfishness. Not all people, just some.
    However, the worst kind of people who pride themselves on ‘Selfishness’,
    are Satanist people. Stay away from those people. I’ve experienced myself one time talking to a few of them. They made me sick and made my stomach turn. I had to walk away from that area. Those are selfish a-holes! who don’t care about anything but themselves and are liars.

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