We …

… fall in love with what we want to see.

We fall out when we run out of willingness.

44 thoughts on “We …

  1. I think we also fall out of love because we don’t realize (or we’re simply unwilling) to put the effort in to support the needs and wants of each other. We tend to lose focus on the importance and relevance of the relationship and begin to experience increasing bitterness and resentment. We concern ourselves with “who’s right” and who’s wrong” rather than seeking solutions that satisfy both individual’s needs through acceptable compromises. Relationships are difficult…but so are most things in life that are worthwhile!

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  2. Completely true.

    I’ve always been a person who see’s personality first. I never really cared about beauty outside because the reality and realism to it, personality is the beauty that shows who people truly are. I’m not shallow like other people are. It’s sad that people today go by looks rather than personality. In my experience throughout many years and seeing that happen today unfortunately. Love your message.

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  3. We are unwilling when the other part won’t meet us half way. When they stop trying. If we are trying and are the only part involved in the relationship, at some point, love dies. It takes two to tango. If you are drawn to someone, take the time to know them well before committing. Openly see their ups and downs, good and bad…then decide if you can continue the relationship. Saves a lot of tears later!

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  4. ” we fall out when we run out of willingness and then aspire for what we had before …” Verry well expressed ..I don’t know if you will like the addition ….

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