… broken pots don’t make a whole one.

49 thoughts on “Two…

      1. If taken in the other way and the quote meant that two negatives cannot make a positive, bringing the maths stuff in, two negatives can make a positive change. i know it may seem 100pecent non sense but phylosophically, if it meant that, then kinda going against it , two negatives can bring a positive change in each other by Standing FOR each other…afterall emotions and heart (potter) of all pots is the same…

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      1. No idea, beautiful. Just two busted ships that sailed into the right port at the right time, forty-two years ago. Been mending each other’s sails ever since. Probably helps that we’re both extremely tenacious humans.

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    1. (I know the question wasn’t for me, but I wanted to weigh in.) I’m not sure if I’d use “broken” to describe myself (or anyone) for a prolonged period of time. After a while, your sharp broken edges get filed down and we just get re-shaped.

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      1. (I do appreciate indeed your weighing in!)
        You said something that I was kind of sensing but wasn’t able to phrase… yes… it’s like that… I also feel re-shaped somehow but… the cracks come back to the surface at any other shock… it’s been like this the first “shock” that cracked all over and I kept cracking at any after shock since then… and re-shaping…

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