… to be vulnerable means choosing the ones we allow in our life.

52 thoughts on “Choosing…

    1. …. we can give a million opportunities to the other person… but at the umpteenth time we need to acknowledge that the best is to get out of there…
      Thank you for adding this… it’s very appreciated…

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  1. In my first serious relationship, I gave myself entirely; that ended badly… so, in my second, I was every vigilant and guarded and THAT ended badly. In my next, I’ll give myself entirely again and see if I learned anything…

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  2. Not Always easy to Walk away when the heart is invested. But still the best if the investor is not getting a satisfactory return on their investment.


    1. …. there’re people one can trust unconditionally… but it’s a whole job to spot them before we’re at the point where a gun is put at our head…
      Great idea you added to my thought… thank you! 🤗🤗🤗

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