… only irreplaceable thing you have is time.

When you give it to someone and never regret it, is when you are loved.

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  1. Umm…..B. I think the other way round; when you give it (time) to someone and don’t regret, you’ve truly loved ; for the true lover or giver, have no regrets.

    Plus, it’s better to be the lover rather than the loved.

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      1. I get you. However, anything you send out will come back in. That’s the way the universe works.
        If one loves and feels unloved, he never loved in the first place for love expects nothing in return: doesnt care if he/she is loved back.
        Love just loves.
        It’s complete in itself.
        It dosn’t expect anything, it just is.
        You cannot truly love and end up feeling unloved ;only emotions or infatuation produces such results.
        Love is very….. the most powerful force in the universe.
        So, true love is content with all and at all times.

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        1. I agree 100% with what you’re saying… I get what you’re saying and in a metaphysical way it’s totally true. One is content of love one gives. But in the universe there’re also creatures that are not ready to this. We’re all at different stages of our growth. When one gives out something to someone who’s only set to take… well… humanly one ends ups feeling abused… now… it’s a choice to stay in and feeling content of just the giving, and I admire people who can do that, still… I can’t… maybe it’s just infatuation as you said…

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          1. Yes I get you….. totally.

            True, we are all in different stages of growth.

            For now, I’ll rather use the word justice rather than love.

            We have to learn how to be just with ourselves and others.

            From our discussions, Love is too great a word to use at this stage of OUR evolution.

            Justice will do.

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  2. Yeah and even if it is because you love someone or some cause and you gave them time.. It could be because it made you love yourself more. E.g. Operating on a lion caught in a hunter’s trap. The lion obviously won’t hug you and say thank you afterwards… πŸ˜‰

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  3. Time is indeed precious the most precious gift we have to give ourselves or share. It passes far too quickly. Immersing yourself in each second, hour day week month, the most valuable gift of all. Especially when you treasure it.

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