… is a longtime inside job.

That’s why it’s vital to keep out people who regularly attempt to destroy it.

67 thoughts on “Happiness…

    1. … there’re always two natures inside ourselves. One tends paradoxically to cling to suffer. The other one fights to be free of suffering. It can last till death. Or one of them can finally make you forever miserable or forever happy.

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  1. You have a depth of understanding of the human condition that reaches the depth of our souls and whom few could rival. I thank you for your daily contributions that mean so much, give so much, touch us so much. I humbly and gratefully appreciate the day you found my blog and I, in turn, found yours. You are a special gift I think.

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    1. I am more than honoured to have ran into your blog and made your acquaintance. You’re highly sensitive and gifted. I think that we don’t meet people by chance. Everyone we run into in our life has a purpose. Some hurt you and teach you to be guarded. Some help you finding yourself again . Some are there to share our feelings and make us see and sense we’re not alone out there being in a certain way. I am happy that I have β€œmet” you!
      Be blessed! πŸŒΉπŸŒΉπŸŒΉπŸ€—

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      1. Thank you so much, B. I so agree. You are right in that I am sensitive, sensitive to the feelings emotions thoughts surrounding others. Sometimes it can be overwhelming, but it is always a pleasure and a great joy when I meet others, especially those as gifted as you are. Blogging, something I’d heard about but knew nothing of personally has indeed been a blessing to me. I’ve met wonderful people from around the world here. My armchair traveling took an interesting and delightful turn in coming here.

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  2. they’ve said it all … I knew it as a life aim, but only recently put this into practice and metaphorically walking away from negativity with conviction brings about a huge sense of relief, not loss. Result! x

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  3. Hey you have an amazing blog .And i wold like to share a quote i read that is similar to what you wrote : ” DON’T LET ANYONE RENT A SPACE IN YOUR HEAD UNLESS THEY ARE A GREAT TENANT ”
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