… is a skill.

Not a fate.

20 thoughts on “Luck…

  1. An interesting sentiment, Barbara! …I’m a big believer in the notion that we make our own luck; that fortune favours the bold.

    I used to be so risk averse… so frightened of failure with different endeavours, but I am quite inspired by a moving motivational speech the actor/comedian Jim Carrey gave 9inspired largely by his own father’s crippling fear of failure – which he often quite movingly talks about) about how “If you’re going to fail, you might as well fail at something you’re good at”:

    Truly inspiring. It’s no wonder that Jim Carrey is so well liked by everyone that he works with; what a nice man.

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    1. I will play the video at home…
      For now: yes… luck is something that isn’t completely independent of what we do. And, I think that what we call “unlucky events” are events meant to “get us somewhere” where we’re supposed to be in our life path. Going through those unlucky or tough moments call be hard, but we ultimately “see” what they were preparing for us…
      Thank you for your words and video (will let you know after I watch it..)

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    2. Thank you for the link that is very inspiring , but it’s a David Razvan video… never heard of him before, but yes, it’s more or less what I also think… 🤗


  2. I’d say luck is an illusion… Along with fate… and other things… If the world was on “Rails” there would be no reason to live at all…. Life is worth living because of the unknown… Not knowing drives us to know…

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