… who fear others’ opinion, are the ones that haven’t learned yet to value their own.

29 thoughts on “Those…

    1. That’s why what matters is that we Think (not what we say) “it’s irrelevant”… think of this: does it change you or your life or anything about it, someone’s opinion about you ?

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      1. I basically wrote a whole blog post and then I came to the conclusion that I had the moment I read your post… Damn she is good…We really shouldn’t let opinion change who we are or what we say…

        Letting one or two guide us though isn’t the same as completely bowing down to popular or unpopular opinion… I think as writers we have to keep an open mind in order to grow… Not everyone is going to think like we do… it is what makes us special…and in someways maybe the way we think is wrong to a certain degree… like 5 degrees…

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        1. Agreed!
          We all need inspiration. And it’s very revealing that you’re talking about “guides”. People who inspire us to improve, to challenge ourselves. This is definitely NOT the same as bending to anyone’s opinion (which is actually impossible and doom us to frustration).
          Thank you so much for the time you dedicate to deepening my ideas with your thoughts… 🤗🤗🤗

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