… is that thing we all struggle to have, and yet struggle to define.

29 thoughts on “Happiness…

  1. I view happiness more as a mindset and pursuit then as something I’ll ever accomplish. Yes, very elusive in definition, as the definition can also change from moment to moment. What happiness means to you at one time, certainly doesn’t look the same as it does at other times..

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  2. Happiness in the dreams is not the happiness because its opposite sadness is always present because Duality is there always.. Duality disappear only after awakening till then pain-pleasure, happiness-sadness every duality is there..

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  3. Definitely!
    Although I don’t look for ‘happiness’ anymore, as I think it’s elusive. Rather I look for serenity, for peace, for calm, for being okay. Things that are tangible and I can actually achieve.

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