Kills and resuscitates.

But rarely through the same person.

When it’s the case we generally call them “the One”.

44 thoughts on “Love…

    1. Excellent point.
      I guess I want to believe that something can start being unbalanced and grow deeper through mistakes and mutual will to stay together…
      What do you think?

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    1. Quite the opposite. I think that there’s a lot of hope in being a strong believer in love. And as I keep saying I think you and your wife are very lucky to have found and loved each other. I wish you many other years of evolution in mutual care and affection! 🤗

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      1. Deeply I think that every time I went through something hard something came out improved… so… it’s hard as long as the struggle lasts, but then I enjoy the improvement… 🤗🤗

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  1. This one is just beyond genius.I never thought of it like that, but it’s so true. You two fall in love, but somewhere along the line, stuff happens and you suffer, and you are hurt, and you are bleeding out, but it is possible to suture up the wounds with both parties trying their dam-nest and BOOM – you just carry on. Stronger than ever, because you know you are made for one another.

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  2. love can really kill.. it doesn’t have to be the physical death.. but when you really love something or someone, you become vulnerable, trusting, happy,opened to foreign emotions, and that’s what really kills because when its all gone ,you are left empty

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