… point of searching is not finding answers, but finding the next question.

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  1. You are making me thinking about a new perspective (thank you for that!! πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—)
    …. actually I don’t mind a never-ending-questioning that just gets hints of the Truth without never really revealing it… what a bore if we already β€œknew” all the β€œbecause” to our β€œwhy”….

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    1. Absolutely agree to that. Used to call myself a discoverer not a seeker (corny I know but…) and then I figured I’m ok with not knowing, especially when life is mostly made up of theories. None of us really know anyway, and those who do certainly aren’t telling 😊 hoping you’re having a groovy day pal 🌹

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  2. Try stop questioning btw.. it’s bliss.
    But again a lovely aphorism. And I absolutely agree to gain clarity and truth one must have the courage to question .
    Ah ..i reminds me ..I have written a post on this.. tittled. ‘ Reason to Rise and Shine’
    Happy blogging B.:)

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  3. Questions are inevitable and we have mastered the skill to avoid answering. I believe it is more about accepting the fact that we have a question for which we need to find an answer….


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