… have the biggest power of all.

The power of choice.

36 thoughts on “You…

  1. of course, it is just one soul’s (mine) opinion. Others can say, “There is a choice there…” To feel the pain, starve, feed the hungry child, fight. I think in these ways, I had no choice. It is of course philosophical. Technically you always have a choice. That makes your statement truer (That word, truer, always sounds like bad English to me), in the simplest terms. Choices aren’t always yes and no, night and day. There is always a dusk and dawn… A twilight of both. I don’t know if i am making sense πŸ˜‰

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    1. You are. And thank you for that.
      You are right when you say we don’t and can’t choose everything that affects our life. We don’t choose where we are born, and people we run into our life. But, even in those situations where you have to deal with persons and things you didn’t choose, you still have the power of choosing how you deal with it. You can choose to stick to your values, and stand for yourself, or letting others drain your positive energy. Etc. Every bad time that you β€œdidn’t choose” will come to an end some day, and that day you will find your life being more full of what you chose, if you allow yourself to, and not of what others or life itself put on your path.
      What do you think?
      Thank you so much for your inspiring insight !

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    2. @crazywriter… U made ponder…
      Well again opinion of one soul.. I say..
      To feel the pain is a choice again wound isn’t. Hunger isn’t a choice though starving is. Battle isn’t a choice fighting is.

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      1. Exactly!
        Being hurt is not a choice, staying in the pain, is. And being born in adversity is not choice. Fighting, is.
        Thank you so much Jay for your profound and very effective thought. You put it perfectly!

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    1. You got the point: the whole thing is about the ignition of the process. The hardest is getting out of your comfort zone, and believe you CAN do.
      The rest follows… πŸ€—

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