The most…

… important people in your life are not the ones who praise you, but the ones who make you improve.

27 thoughts on “The most…

  1. Some love to a fault making it impossible to be truthful or helpful. Sometimes, what we really want is honesty…it doesn’t have to be cruel or slap you up the side of the head, but an indicator pointing in the right direction or suggesting we think on things a bit more before making a life-altering decision is very helpful. (depends on whether the recipient listens, but)

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    1. Personally I always want honesty. No matter if it will hurt (and I guess it will). I am more at peace (well… ok… at the beginning I am total trash… but after a while I get over it). Whereas lies always keep my mind stirring restlessly… and this is total torture.


      1. Lies simply lead to more and more distrust until finally you don’t feel you can believe anything the person says. Yes, sometimes truth can sting, and it can be cruel if used as a weapon, but if it’s heartfelt motivated by love, it only stings for a little while.


  2. Truth.

    I crave approval as much as anybody else – for example, I always smile when someone clicks “like” on one of my posts – but a strong part of me also craves to be challenged.

    It’s good for me to be taken out of my comfort zone sometimes.

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    1. Sure! We like seeing that who we are and what we do are valuable for other people. Makes us feel part of a bigger picture.
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts !


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