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… best moment ever is when you suddenly realise you have improved through the very life challenges you thought you were not.


… relationship is like a plant.

It needs warmth and care.

Without either or neither, one can only have fake relationships or plastic plants.


… yourself first.

Afterall, the only one you can rely on, no matter what, is always the one who looks back at you in the mirror.


… bad and people will look at you disapprovingly.

Be good and people will look at you suspiciously.

Only mediocrity seems to be quite popular.


… life you can choose to be solid like a rock or fluid like water.

Be the water and you will end up eating up the strongest rock.


… are three kinds of problems.

The ones you can solve with time.

The ones time solves for you.

The ones that with time you just forget .


… is no such a thing as unconditional love.

There is love.

If you admit the existence of a condition, what you are talking about is just a bargain.


… are not sinners.

We are not saints.

We are just beings on the path of learning how not to make (too many) mistakes anymore.


… hero is someone who puts his life at risk to save other’s.

A policeman does that every day and call it just work.


… fall in love in presence, and grow fonder in absence.

Women fall in love in absence and grow fonder in presence.

No wonder it’s so hard to find each other at some point of the journey.